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Bathtub choice tips

① gloss. By looking at the surface to understand the material, and suitable for any kind of material ...

②, foot strength test. Bath strength related to the quality and thickness of the material, I think is not apparent, and need to give it a try, under gravity, such as standing, whether there is a sinking feeling.

③ touch surface smoothness. Suitable for steel and cast iron bathtub, because both of these bathtubs need enamel plating, plating process not appears slightly corrugated.

④About sound. Buy luxury bath, preferably at the time of purchase, "testing the waters", listen to the voice. Excessive motor noise if Jacuzzi, enjoy no, has become a burden.

⑤ the service. Apart from product quality, brand, price, and service is also an important factors consumers should consider, such as whether or not to provide on-site measuring, installation services, and so on.