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Bathtubs buying guide

1, apart from the traditional bathtub, many students choose a Jacuzzi bathtub. Massage bathtub Vortex, bubbles, swirling bubble with three purchases when there is clear;

2, bathtub materials mainly in acrylic, steel and cast iron for the mainstream products, among them, the highest grade of cast iron, acrylic and steel plates, and the absolute mainstream of bath ceramics for the past, the market has almost not see;

3, the pros and cons of tub material is mainly look at the surface is smooth, touch is smooth. Special steel and cast iron bathtub, if enamel coated well, appear subtle ripples on the surface;

4, the quality and thickness of the material relates to the bathtub's solidity, students use Visual inspection is not apparent. Try need to use hands or feet, as have the sinking feeling, it means not enough hardness. Of course, before stepping on the consent of the competition for the best business.