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How to choose a good shower room and purchasing skills?

May 31, 2017

How to choose a good shower room and purchasing skills?

1. look at the glass

See whether the glass is transparent, whether there are miscellaneous points, bubbles and other defects.

Analysis of defects or defects in the process of making glass materials can cause defects such as impurities and bubbles in the glass and reduce the hardness and strength of the glass.

See if there is 3C mark authentication on the glass sheet.

Brief analysis: 3C certification is the abbreviation of China compulsory product certification, shower room products without this logo can not be sold.

Look at the sample of completely tempered glass fragments

Brief analysis: according to the national standard, the area of toughened glass should be more than 40 pieces per 50*50mm.

2. aluminum material

Look at the hardness of aluminum

A shower of aluminum often need to support tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of the weight of the glass, if not hardness and thickness, the use of shower life will be very short, all aluminum hardness and thickness is an important evaluation index. Qualified shower room, aluminum thickness of more than 1.2mm, rail, glass, aluminum should be more than 1.5mm. The hardness of aluminum material can be tested by hand pressing aluminum frame. The hardness of aluminum material is more than 13 degrees, so it is difficult for adult to deform it by hand.

See whether the surface of aluminum is smooth, with or without chromatic aberration and trachoma, and the profile smoothness.

Analysis of second-hand waste aluminum in processing, the surface treatment of smoothness is not enough, there will be obvious color difference and trachoma, special section of the smoothness of the dark.

3. look at the pulley

Look at the material of the pulley and the tightness of the wheel seat

Analysis: the pulleys of pulleys need to use materials such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The wheel seat has good tightness, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.

Look at the compatibility of the pulley and the aluminum track

Analysis: pulley and rail to close together, small gap, when the impact of external force is not easy to fall off, to avoid safety accidents.

4. see the adjustment function of wall materials and even wall clip

Analysis: even the wall (wall) is the shower room and connected to the wall of the aluminum wall tilt and offset because the installation will lead to wall glass distorted, which occurred in the glass blew phenomenon. Even the wall should have adjustment function in vertical and horizontal direction, with the installation of wall and let the aluminum twist, remove the glass distortion of the glass to avoid explosion.

5. look at the stability of the shower bar

Brief analysis: the pull bar of shower room is the important support to guarantee the stability of Frameless Shower room. The hardness and strength of tie rod is the important guarantee of the impact resistance of shower room. It is recommended not to use telescopic tie bars, which are less strength.

6. look at the water tightness of shower room

Brief analysis: the main observation area of water tightness in shower room is

The connection between shower room and wall

The joint of the door and the door

Hinge water tightness - hinge because of activity, water tightness is often bad

The connection of shower room and stone base and bottom basin

Check the sealing of rubber strip and rubber strip

7: see whether the product design humanized

Analysis: fine rack, sealing magnetic stripe, buffer device, easy cleaning, detail processing (whether the auxiliary cover is complete and the feel is smooth).

8: distinguish acrylic material

Shower room used mainly acrylic plate, it is understood that some of the composite acrylic plate used in glass fiber containing formaldehyde, is the bathroom

One of the sources of pollution. The solution of acrylic material is to look inside the shower room. If the back of the acrylic plate is different from the front, it is coarse and belongs to the compound acrylic board. For example, some acrylic board used for too long will change color, and some appear small cracks, which is also some brands of shower room expensive, and some cheaper reasons.

9: automatic water storage shower room

The automatic water storage shower room is designed to store water from the shower for use by the toilet. The utility model is a water in the shower room below, under the water tank is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet, the water discharge, switch is arranged on the water inlet and a water outlet; a water tank is arranged in the shower room above the water tank, a water inlet and a water outlet, the outlet is connected with the toilet water inlet of a water pump installation; in the above the water tank, pump the water pipe and the outlet pipe are respectively connected to the water tank and the water tank; the upper and lower water tank are respectively installed in the water tank can induction float, float through the connecting rod and connecting the contact switch; the contact switch and the pump circuit in series with. The utility model can automatically connect or cut off the power source of the water pump according to the change of the water level of the water tank, and the automatic storage of the water tank is completed, and the height drop is used to automatically supply the water source for the toilet.

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