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Safe, easy clean children's is to buy shower rooms of the two most important standards


Modern people have the habit of daily showers, shower room with a very high frequency, and is on the premise of bare human skin. Shower room consists mainly of glass and shapes, including glass for 95%, so the safety glass is most important.

Popular shower use tempered glass impact resistance is 5 times of ordinary glass, tempered glass may still happen automatically without direct mechanical forces burst, tempered consumers worried about explosions. Self is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass, although only 3/1000, but even using high quality tempered glass, in theory, could not exclude the possibility of self-, user caused a security risk.

Easy clean children's

Common shower room in use for some time after leaving water stains on glass, natural scale over a long period, many consumers complain about bathroom glass cleaner, use of cleansing agents, no matter how clean was unable to remove stubborn scale. Scale is actually water contains calcium and magnesium salts and other minerals precipitate, after using the shower, shower surface attached glass beads, droplets evaporation in the process will be difficult to dissolve the calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate and other minerals precipitate, it's difficult to remove scale.

Throughout the shower room, with safe and easy to clean as the selling point of the product number, rely solely on these two points and how to choose the quality of the products? in Xiao bian recommended consumers when choosing a shower room, should choose a number of strong brands.