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Shower enclosure has reasons for price differences

Now, because of the simplicity of the shower room more and more by consumers of all ages, friends and relatives in the home of a shower room is already got used to things. Although the shower room more than simple shower room, massage can also enjoy the steam. But the shower room is more expensive, is not at hand plenty of consumers will choose shower. But there are many shower products on the market, seems to be pretty much the same, but why is shower, price difference?

Here's the thing, due to the shower room became one of the most popular bathroom, so sell shower room also became the focus of many businessmen. Known by all, shower room 80% building material is mainly glass, and the rest 20% is the rest of the hardware and aluminum. So many unknown shower manufacturers in order to profit more with building class is not fully tempered glass, or even ordinary glass instead of fully tempered glass. These glass rather than fully tempered glass tempered even poor impact resistance, so when you use it spawned a shower room self-injury accidents.