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Shower room's sliding door a good thing or good

Pivot door shower room: suitable for large bathroom

Flat door type of glass door opening area big, open closed compared light, and convenient, conducive to using who access shower room, but switch door Shi will occupied to bathroom space, if shower door next also placed has other bathroom products, on more easy and glass door occurred collision, and effect shower room stability, so flat door type for area larger of bathroom between using (recommends 4 square meters above).

Sliding door shower room: space, high rail

Sliding door shower room space, more suitable for bathroom small families, but sliding doors often slip, slide quality requirements have to be very high, or push-pull is not smooth easy to self, and slide the Groove easier to water, dust, be sure to regularly clean.

In addition to the basic styles of alternative and steam shower room is also now much-discussed, it adds the sound, massage, sauna, steam and many other intelligent settings, if you plan to buy, they have to have a large bathroom space, and must have in arranging water outlet, and to pay attention to moisture.