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Shower science knowledge sharing

Shower enclosure chassis shape of the main square, round, scalloped and diamond-shaped chassis shapes more irregular, high cost of abrasive, shower room prices will be higher, so shower is the cheapest of the square chassis, and personally think that the most practical.

Shower glass to ordinary tempered glass, water glass and cloth three tempered glass, the thickness of the glass are 6 per cent and 9 per cent of the two, the thicker the glass, the price is higher. Special high requirements on the color of glass in the production process, prices are also relatively expensive.

ARC shower doors, corner doors, folding doors, sliding doors, double door, which, sliding shower door-shower is much cheaper.

Shower room in the top of the fence and one with frame beams of the same, the main function is to increase the stability of the shower room, and of course, the price is higher.

When choosing a shower room depends on the following four aspects:

(1) the door is opening and closing with ease.

(2) the shower nozzle insert are easily and securely.

(3) leakage flow smooth and easy to clean.

(4) the sealed shower room remains to be seen whether there is ventilation facilities. Families with old people and children paying particular attention.