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Why do toilets have to be wet and dry separation?

First, what are the advantages of wet and dry separation?

1 will make the bathroom look more beautiful, wet and dry separation: separation of wet and dry toilet is very atmospheric and elegant appearance, is a look at the layout is better, is designed into the usually sink is outside the bathroom and bathroom this block is a glass partition, so that we can make some of the more attractive styling. Sink is also can be mixed and décor as one of that many owners are doing, it will look very nice and convenient.

2, and bathroom will compared dry health: many when, toilet in will placed some wood quality of Cabinet, used to take put things, but does, due to toilet of moisture very of big, over time, Cabinet on will was clothing, and also will breeding many bacteria, such, we not only to money heavy buy new of Cabinet, too wet words, bathroom also will attract many cockroaches, spider, many bug, this but quite of annoying of!

3, and very of convenient reasonable: has has single wash of bath Taiwan, we on not exists Shang toilet and wash of conflict has, especially a of home compared more of crowd, has has such of layout can makes people separate has, such of layout in using up is very of convenient of, and we late in do plot aspects is compared convenient, dry of Cabinet body as long as with rag gently a wipe on good has.

Second, what are the disadvantages of wet and dry separation?

1, greater limitations: wet and dry separation and the biggest problem is not all units are appropriate, and of precise only suitable for new homes now are area than larger ones, as housing is absolutely inappropriate. Even though some houses may be a change is possible, but the project was more trouble and the cost will be relatively high, so staff will have impact on the budget.

2, and area to big: wet and dry separation for area of requirements also is is big of, at least bathroom added outside of bath Taiwan can has 8 square of area, or do up will very of crowded, usually will this wash Taiwan and toilet separation from, on will need more side wall or more a layer door of, not only so, we isolation bath Taiwan and bathroom basically is belongs to separate cost billing of, again plus some decorative with of parts, as costs cost what will became is high has.