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Bathroom Shower Room Decoration Personalized Beauty Is Not Difficult.

As small as 34 square meters in the bathroom, many householders even do not bother to think about it, but in the face of this situation, basins, toilets, showers... All the fine sanitary ware deserves our careful taste. Want to play in the beautiful and practical bathroom in fact is not difficult at all, master a good acceptance machine, create a beautiful bath so easy!

Put on a high shelf and make full use of space. Duo basin does not need to get together, distance can also produce beauty.

Simple storage rack can also swing. Is your family green enough? Such a storage rack, small bathroom can also turn into a small park!

It is more convenient to use the side angle to draw the storage rack. Is there enough storage? The hanging space is quite dense.

Bathroom shower room

Don't want to put on airs? Taking a closet is as simple and refreshing as it is. Layered partition, look particularly refreshing!

Do you like reading when you are poking? Take a toilet library and follow it. Will time in toilet be boring? But the design of ventilation effect should be refueling!

Bathroom shower room

Rattan storage cabinets and white cabinets are simply beautiful. The light green background walls complement each other, and the fresh and pure bathing space is simply a visual enjoyment.

Large bathroom, you can try to make a combination cabinet. Simple European style, exquisite and elegant, with antique wall leading faucet, absolutely low-key luxury.

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