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Four Points Of Bathroom Furniture Maintenance

, Plate selection is critical

Body panels which make up the majority in the bathroom furniture, want to choose bathroom furniture, material may not be careless, must be waterproof by soaking experiment proved that it is the good material.

Second, choose a proper shower

Shower room is the idea of separation of wet and dry, and people in separate washing room faded work fatigue, wipe petty troubles of life, relaxed mood to meet new challenges. In this way, bath bathroom moisture will result, and easy to scale.

Third, with crashworthy waterproof aluminum floor

Bathroom furniture generally after a period of use, under the sink cabinet floor begins to deform, the reason is hidden in the cabinets of pipes neglected along the pipe shed condensed water is not as striking as the table drops, remains steeped in water at the end of the cabinet furniture.

Waterproof aluminum base plate with a crash, can not only prevent times basin, faucet drips condensation water tank, and unique collision can eliminate closing noise.

Four and multifunctional edge strips

When you install bathroom cabinets often need to cut holes in Cabinet Board, Shun water shed water easily from the plate cutting edge into the box, resulting in deformation of body moisture. Multifunctional edge strips to wrap a sheet material cutting edge plays a good waterproof effect.