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How To Choose Shower Room?

How to choose shower room?

(hardware parts: handle, pull rod, hinge, wall clamp, etc.)

Shower room handle, pull rod, hinge and other accessories can not be ignored, because tempered glass if there is a small corner damage, the whole piece of glass will automatically burst, high

The adjustment function of design files in the structure of shower room is on the shower room, such as the coupled wall material with adjusting function in vertical and horizontal direction, can be amended by the cement industry and the deviation caused by the installation work. Its hardware parts are made of copper fittings and stainless steel fittings, and the 304 stainless steel is the best. The important factors affecting the quality of the copper fittings is electroplating plating quality, shower room (including all plastic) must ensure that the seven layer plating, the first layer of alkali copper plating and second layers of rubber coated copper (with the best in the world in South Africa imported glue copper) and third layers of acid copper plating plating layer (three different the properties of copper, the purpose is repeated cleaning, dressing and fill the copper surface tiny pinhole), five layer fourth layer plating nickel, nickel plated all-optical half light, six layer nickel, nickel front (because the element surface is cellular, must go through two layers of different plating properties of nickel can be mutually fixed concave point so, in order to avoid black spots, pinhole and other quality problems appear on the surface of the product); seventh chrome, prevent corrosion and keep the light, improve the hardness and wear resistance, surface after electric paint processing, better wear resistance, not easy to scratch. Eighth layers, 12 hours sealing, protect all coating, guarantee the service life of plating layer and base material. The surface will not appear black spots, blisters, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.

Stainless steel fittings are mainly made of good hardness, high bearing capacity, not easy to oxidize, beautiful and high-grade, easy to maintain and long service life. And many shower room manufacturers, the pursuit of maximum profits and affordable, choose 2 series of stainless steel, it has poor corrosion resistance, easy oxidation, metal surface has been continuously corroded, and its service life is greatly reduced.

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