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How To Choose Shower Room, One Of The Most Important Three Pieces In The Bathroom?

Shower room style simple fashion, changeable shape, strong practicability, can effectively achieve the separation of dry and wet, and has a warm function, so deeply loved by the majority of consumers, and become one of the most important "three pieces" of the toilet, the current market shower room variety, good and bad quality, consumers how to choose What about the products that are satisfactory? The precision shower room thinks that we can start from the following aspects:

confirm the preliminary plan:

In the preliminary planning, the relatively adequate shower space should be reserved, preferably not less than 900cm * 900cm. Below this size space is very narrow, the comfort of the shower will be affected to a certain extent, in general, it is recommended to achieve 1000cm * 1000cm above, sufficient space will be better shower experience. Also pay attention to the location of the toilet and bathroom cabinet, not only to ensure adequate shower space, but also to consider the convenience of using the bathroom cabinet and toilet.

Generally speaking, the bathroom with a square (corner type) more, a rectangular bathroom with a shower partition (zigzag) more, according to the way the shower room can be divided into flat door and door removal two types, owners can choose according to their own preferences, but the choice of flat door shower room, should pay attention to doing outside open Whether you will touch the toilet or bathroom cabinet, do the general requirement to reserve a shower size to 1100cm * 1100cm to ensure that there is enough space to close the mobile door after entering the shower room.

After the plan of toilet decoration is determined, attention should be paid to the position and direction of water pipes and wires in the wall, to avoid bursting water pipes when installing shower rooms, and to arrange the position of leakage protection switches and power sockets, so as to ensure that they are placed outside the shower area, so as not to cause inconvenience in use.

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