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Selection Of Shower Room

1、Glass: High-quality tempered glass used, the original piece is CSG glass, which belongs to the grade of automotive grade tempered glass. After the glass breaks, there are 40-200 pieces of broken grains in the area of 50mm*50mm, and the angle of broken grains. For obtuse angle, no sharp corners, impact resistance is more than 5 times that of ordinary glass.

2. Production process of tempered glass: The production process of tempered glass is mainly divided into two types: one is the processing of ordinary flat glass or float glass under quenching or air-cooled quenching under certain process conditions. The other method is to pass the ordinary flat glass or float glass through an ion exchange method to change the composition of the glass surface to form a compressive stress layer on the glass surface.

3, tempered glass production steps: the silicon, sand, soda ash, feldspar and other raw materials polished into powder according to plan ingredients to be weighed into the furnace will be called into the melting of the melt into the molten glass and then into the melting furnace refining and then enter The glass formed in the tin bath enters into the annealing furnace and is annealed, dried and dried to obtain the original glass. The glass is cut and lapped according to the processing requirements, and the hole is drilled to ensure that the glass edge is flat, no cracks or cracks are formed, and the glass is cleaned into the tempering equipment. After the tempering, the glass is subjected to an impact test and a ball impact test to obtain a shower room.

4, stainless steel: imported SUS304 stainless steel raw materials, surface grinding 10K mirror steel, sturdy wear-resistant, non-oxidation, no plating, no deformation, no rust, through more than 12 corrosion resistant smoke test.

5. Hardware: Hardware is an important load-bearing part of the shower room. In order to ensure its quality, the quality of the shower room manufacturers is very strict. High-quality hardware has to undergo grinding, polishing and other processes.

6, hardware material: a unique development of the 304 stainless steel casting hinges, and rods and handles, stainless steel hardware surface only need to polish its stainless steel appearance, will always keep the silver luster, never rust. The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper. It is not long rust, corrosion, deformation, and through 96 hours of destructive salt spray experiment and high-strength bearing capacity test.

7. Pulley: The pulley is an important factor that affects the service life of the shower room. Pulleys need to be sorted according to specifications and tested for flexibility and tens of thousands of push-pull tests.

8. Strip: The strip is related to the tightness of the shower room. High-quality shower room manufacturers will PVC glue particles and magnetic stripe in the extruder in the soft and hard co-extruded one forming its strong sealing resistance to oxidation is 3 times that of ordinary plastic strips.

9. Shiji: A good shower room stone base should be completed through 14 processes including weighing, mixing, injection molding, and demoulding.