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Shower Glass Does Not Need To Note Selection Is Too Thick For Good

Bathroom glass thickness, its natural firmness is strong, but if too thick, can also backfire because more than 8mm glass shower room factory in some small brands is difficult to achieve fully tempered, so once the glass breaking, you will have sharp surfaces, thus easier to scratch on the body at risk.

Due to the thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity will be poor, greater possibilities of glass, because glass itself is one of the main reasons various places caused by uneven cooling, so from this point on speak more explosion-proof glass should be as thin as possible.

Glass thicker heavier weight, too much pressure on the hinge, profile and will shorten the service life of the pulley, especially middle and low pulley showers tend to use lower quality, thicker glass instead of the more dangerous! Tempered glass is good or bad depends largely on the degree of tempering, are regular companies, transmittance, impact resistance, heat resistance, and so on. Glasses as thick as possible is a myth.

Shower room in the market claims to be toughened, extent of the subtle differences in steel, good glass is fully tempered and almost fall short of fully tempered, market 8mm 100% tempered glass are basically unable to achieve that.

After the consumer ordered to pay special attention to the 3C certification mark, tempered glass regardless of size, should the 3C logo above, can be known from this detail is not tempered glass. Consumers should choose a formal professional brand when you buy shower rooms, carefully check for name, address and certificate, regular factory product quality and process more secure.