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Shower Room Buying Skills

1, to see whether the glass is transparent and bright, must not have bubbles and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the hardness of glass, strength.

2, check the original glass on behalf of the Chinese mandatory product certification on behalf of the 3C logo.

3, to see the hardness of aluminum, glass room aluminum to support hundreds of kilograms of glass quality, hardness is an important assessment criteria, can be tested by hand pressure aluminum frame.

4, to see whether the smooth aluminum, profile finish, color, etc., to prevent the use of second-hand waste aluminum.

5, look at the material of the pulley and the seal of the wheel seat. Wheel seat must use the pressure resistance and heavy materials, good sealing water vapor can not easily into the wheel, the service life is longer.

6, check the wall and wall clip adjustment function, the wall of the tilt and installation of the offset will cause the wall of the glass twisted, there will be glass blew, so even the wall must be vertical and horizontal direction of the adjustment function, the elimination of glass distortion.

7, to ensure the stability of the rod, the strength of the rod is the hardness of the shower room is an important guarantee.

8, the details of the shower room to see the watertight, such as the door and the door of the joints, and the wall connection.

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