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Shower Room Design

For shower room design, first consider the size of the bathroom, choose the most suitable layout of the bathroom, with their own preferences to select all frameless or framed products. Then, on the bottom of the treatment (with stone basins, stone-based) choice for the bathroom windowsill, toilet seat, bathtub, wall column, wash basin, toilet distance, the way to open a comprehensive design, a comfortable and pleasant The shower room is the perfect design of the crystallization.

In general, the design of the shower room with a corner shower room to save space. 1/4 of the arc-shaped shower door fitted to the guard, the corner of life, so you can take advantage of not very good corner, the effect is very good. It should be noted that when installed in the bathroom bathroom design to be arranged in advance position, and then install the shower at a right angle and shower door. This will not feel unexpected, but also the use of space.

The arc shape of the shower room design, in addition to its shower door at a straight corner, there are L-shaped and other suitable. The size of the shower base on the market there are a variety of specifications, before installation to measure the exact size of the installation location, taking into account the location and size of the outlet.

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