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Shower Room Purchase Points

1. not covet cheap. Must buy those with more factory name, address and product certification of products.

2. color patterns should be consistent with the bathroom décor. Shape of the shower room is generally symmetrical fan-shaped, toilet, large square can also be chosen. Most consumers like the look with patterned translucent shower room, decorative appearance of the product itself, give people the joy of beauty; but there are some elderly persons or people with traditional, fancy fabric shower room, like cloth, is simple but not transparent, the biggest benefit is that family members can also use in the shower toilet

3. identify the material. Shower room, the main material for tempered glass, tempered glass quality differences, fake glass there is a big security risk, authentic glass look of vague pattern. Shower frame made of aluminum alloy production, surface is sprayed with plastic handle, do not rot, stainless. Best backbone aluminum thickness 1.1 mm or more, not easily deformed. Also check the ball bearing is flexible, Kai is available light, combination is the framework using the stainless steel screws.

4. chassis options. Shower room with cylinder high and low basins in two ways. With a cylinder-type seating for people, suitable for families with elderly or children, you can also use of a cylinder, such as laundry, water, deficiencies are health problems. In contrast, the lower basin compact, low price ratio. In addition, consumers to select chassis side panels removable for easy cleaning, bad smell.