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Simple Shower Room And The Overall Shower Room Which Is Better? Which Cost-effective?

At present, there are two kinds of shower rooms and shower rooms in the store. The whole shower room is full of functions, and some also have special functions such as shower and shower, answering calls and so on. The way of opening the door is also varied, but the price is high. How to choose between shower room and simple shower room?

A fully functional and expensive

The overall shower room generally by the sprinkler, shower room, shower screen, roof or bathtub composition, shower room with tempered glass, bottom cylinder and the floor is generally acrylic composite material. The overall shower room needs to be fully enclosed, good thermal performance, no need to use Yuba even in winter.

In addition, the overall function of the shower room, and some also with foot massage 'shower, FM radio, steam, exhaust, answer the phone and other functions.

As a fully enclosed bath room, with independent drainage, without the need to wet the bathroom floor, so for the old, construction problems caused by water seepage of the building, the temporary construction of non-waterproof, can also be used.

The shortcomings of the overall shower room is expensive, high-priced products or even tens of thousands of yuan. And the overall size of the shower room is generally large, and the basic can not be customized, flexibility is poor.

In addition, since the function is relatively complicated, the elderly must have family guidance and the children should generally not be used alone.

Two. According to the ideal purchase

If you choose the overall shower room, to know the fit is good. When buying basically pay attention to several aspects:

1. The overall shower room even if the content is relatively high, select the quality and after-sale have guaranteed brand.

2. Do not be greedy, enough enough. Because the average family bathroom area is limited, too large shower room will take up too much space, giving a sense of oppression.

3. Consider opening the door. The way to open the door is generally divided into open, open (left and right slide), open inside. Generally open the door is a large space, to consider whether the actual area is sufficient.

4. Consider the overall height of the shower room and toilet height is appropriate. The overall height of the shower room is generally about 2.1 meters, the installation also need to increase the height of about 10 cm, so the actual height of the bathroom to be higher than 2.2 meters, otherwise nothing more than installation.

5. The high end of the tank can take a bath, but if there are old and children at home, try to choose the end of the tank, or out of the inconvenience.

TIP: Toilets should be installed first shower room, followed by the installation of other items, or there may be room for insufficient shower room conditions.