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Teach You To Buy Bathroom Glass Door Notes

Shower room can be divided into two types--shower enclosure and shower room. Now more and more people using the shower enclosure, due to the simple, beautiful fashion beautiful, newly renovated families are planning to buy. A shower room on the current market price from more than 1000 Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan, according to the square from 300 yuan/square meters-more than 800 Yuan/sq m, the main difference is that the quality of glass doors and accessories quality.

Many people think that the thicker the glass, the better, but this is not the case. Shower room toughened glass is the most important level of steel. Thickness of glass mainly affect the shape of the shower room. Market some cheap showers, mostly by small-scale production without production qualification and affix regular factory brand.

In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturers even use glass or hot bending glass. These glass shower, vulnerability to external factors. Such as the winter or summer with cold water and hot water, are likely to burst, the broken glass may have sharp edges, it is easy to hurt. Regular factory production safety tempered glass is very high.

In addition, shower handles, wheels and other accessories should not be neglected. Because glass has a small corner piece damaged glass automatically burst, accessories the best selected copper and stainless steel, easy to rust, use time is more durable. So, when you purchase, consumers should pay attention to what issues? Give you a few:

1, can not be cheap to buy packaging, marked with a brand name and address and certificate products, no packaging products trying not to buy. Glass to glass CCC certification, and brand identity.

2, knuckles knocking on glass, glass sound more crisp, ordinary glass sounds more dreary;

3, authentic look will have a faint pattern of toughened glass;

4, after purchase, require manufacturers to on-site installation, so as to avoid improper installation increases risk and glass from bursting.