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The Distinction Between Shower Room And Quality Is:

The main difference between Lin Bath Room and Lin Bath Room lies in the material quality, product design, waterproof performance and other indicators. The box degree shower room suggests that consumers can be identified by the following aspects:

1. Glass Selection: First of all, we should observe whether the glass has 3C mandatory certification and tempering marks (TEMPERED GLA55), but also should observe whether the glass is permeable, whether there are bubbles, impurities, and the size of broken particles, preferably with a professional insurance company underwritten.

2. Choice of pulleys: The pulleys are the core parts of push-pull shower room. The material of pulley sleeves and wheelbase should be distinguished emphatically when selecting and purchasing. There are 304 stainless steel pulleys, copper glaze-coated pulleys, zinc alloy pulleys, carbon steel pulleys and plastic pulleys on the market at present. Among them, 304 stainless steel pulleys are the best, and their bearing capacity and resistance are excellent. Corrosion capacity is far higher than other types of pulley.

3. Aluminum material selection: In addition to inquiring about the thickness, consumers should also pay attention to the brightness of the cross-section of the sample, high gloss profile with relatively low impurities, and should feel whether there are burrs in the incision, if there are burrs in the inside, it shows that the material of the couple profile may be soft, there is a risk of deformation of phoenix.

4. Hardware Choice: Hardware fittings because the surface of the electroplating or polishing treatment, covering up the true color of the material, so a certain degree of deception, consumers should focus on understanding that there are a wide range of hardware materials on the market: 304 stainless steel, holes, zinc table gold, plastic, in the use of shower room, 304 stainless steel is the most excellent performance, its The hardness of 304 stainless steel is much higher than that of copper, zinc, gold, plastic and other materials. The surface of 304 stainless steel has super anti-corrosion properties. After surface polishing process, the surface is brighter and more corrosion-resistant, and the surface can be kept beautiful for a long time.

5. Tape selection: a set of excellent sealing performance of the shower room should be in glass and glass connection dislocation is an organ-shaped tape or dislocation of tape treatment; profiles against the wall should have no tape design, glass against the wall should have bubble tape design; glass and object contact should have tape protection.

6. Selection of stone base: When choosing stone base, we should pay attention to the thickness of cross-section of stone base, whether there are pores in the cross-section, and the surface treatment process of stone base. The stone base with excellent performance should be about l0mm thick, smooth cross-section, no pores, whiter color. Surface treatment is best baking paint treatment.

7. Handles selection: shower room handles often push and pull, part of the handles also play a towel rack function, so in the choice of handles to choose high strength, strong corrosion resistance materials, the current handles mainly 304 stainless steel polishing handles, copper electroplating handles, zinc alloy electroplating handles, plastic electroplating handles, of which 304 stainless steel The steel polishing handle has the most excellent performance.

8. Design Choice: An excellent shower property is not only of good material quality, but also of vital importance in design. It should at least have practical designs such as ultra-stable track design, anti-derailment design, glue-free design, adjustable design, pulley design and so on. Such products not only have beautiful appearance, but also have long service life. Safety and failure rate are very low.

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