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The Simple Shower Room And The Overall Shower Room Are Good For Each Other. Who Is Better?

There are two kinds of shower rooms and simple shower rooms on the market. There are many functions of the whole shower room. There are many functions such as massage, telephone and so on. There are many ways to open the door. Therefore, the price of the simple shower room with the simplest dry and wet separation function is much higher. So the comparison between the overall shower room and the simple shower room, who will choose the more cost-effective?

Integral shower room

The price is high and the price is high

The whole shower room consists of a spray device, a shower room, a shower screen, a top cover or a fish tank. The glass of the shower room is made of toughened glass, and the bottom cylinder and the floor are usually made of acrylic composite. The whole shower room is completely enclosed, so the thermal insulation performance is particularly good, and there is no need to worry about the cold weather. Some integral shower rooms also have functions such as foot massage, cooling massage, FM radio, steam, ventilation, answering telephone calls and so on. The whole shower room has an independent drainage pipe, so there is no need to worry about the wetting of the bathroom floor, even the old, construction problems can be installed and used, which is also the reason for the high price of the whole shower room.

Simple shower room

Material is simple and cost-effective

The main body of the simple shower room is tempered glass, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the chassis is acrylic composite or stone foundation. Simple shower room structure is relatively simple, basic bath function, although there is no more additional function, but it is more independent and concise than the whole shower room, strong, with strong decorative performance, price is cheaper, can be customized according to the actual conditions of the toilet and the hobby of the owner. It is worth mentioning that the simple shower room has no ceiling, so it is a semi enclosed space with poor thermal insulation function.

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