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Why Should The Shower Room Be Installed Before The Bathroom Renovation?

Today, many people in the bathroom decoration, often use dry and wet separation of dry and wet areas, so as to facilitate the use of sanitary ware. Shower room is one of the most common sanitary ware products at present. The most important function of shower is dry and wet separation. So the shower room is very necessary for families who attach importance to dry and wet separation.

One, what is a shower room

The shower room is an independent unit composed of aluminum and toughened glass. It can divide the bathroom space and create a special bath space. The bath will not affect the humidity outside the bath area. The shower room is mainly composed of enclosure, hardware fittings and chassis. The chassis is made of acrylic, artificial stone, porcelain and so on. The fence is usually made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel and other metal materials. The price of shower rooms on the market is different, mainly due to brand, material and technology. Domestic brands are generally cheaper than foreign ones.

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